The Bioinformatics and Modelling group’s vision is to enable benefits for patients through integrated computational and biological modeling. The main objective is to enable translationally-oriented research through strong collaborations at the LIH and abroad. This requires making sense of the large and complex datasets obtained from patients, animal and cell line models. The group’s top priority is the development of novel computational models for cancer patient stratification and drug response prediction using multi-omics data. The scientists within the group lead and enable cross-disciplinary research partnerships, which benefit from their diverse expertise in: a. Biological network modeling and analysis; c. Integrative, large-scale analysis of multi-omics data; and C. Biostatistics and machine learning.

Research projects

  • “Drug repositioning for the treatment of myocardial infarction through systems biology approaches (INFUSED)”, Luxembourg’s National Research Fund (FNR) / Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF).
  • “Non-coding RNA regulatory circuits in glioma” (CIRCUITOMA), FNR, INTER programme.
  • “New tools for the prediction of influential nodes and links in multi-level cancer-related networks”, FNR, Luxembourg-Singapore cooperation programme, 2016-2018

Featured Publications

Altered metabolic landscape in IDH-mutant gliomas affects phospholipid, energy, and oxidative stress pathways.

  • NORLUX-Glioma Biology
  • In vivo imaging facility
  • Bioinformatics and Modelling
December 01, 2017
2017 Dec. EMBO Mol Med.9(12):1681-1695.
  • Fack F
  • Tardito S
  • Hochart G
  • Oudin A
  • Zheng L
  • Fritah S
  • Golebiewska A
  • Nazarov PV
  • Bernard A
  • Hau AC
  • Keunen O
  • Leenders W
  • Lund-Johansen M
  • Stauber J
  • Gottlieb E
  • Bjerkvig R
  • Niclou SP.

Transcriptional variations in the wider peritumoral tissue environment of pancreatic cancer.

  • Bioinformatics and Modelling
  • Genomics Center
October 06, 2017
2017 Oct. Int J Cancer. [Epub ahead of print].
  • Bauer AS
  • Nazarov PV
  • Giese NA
  • Beghelli S
  • Heller A
  • Greenhalf W
  • Costello E
  • Muller A
  • Bier M
  • Strobel O
  • Hackert T
  • Vallar L
  • Scarpa A
  • Buchler MW
  • Neoptolemos JP
  • Kreis S
  • Hoheisel JD.
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