Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the implementation of the strategy approved by the board of administration. It guarantees the compliance with ethical principles, conventions and national laws.

The Executive Committee is composed of:

Ulf Nehrbass
Chief Executive Officer
Tel: +352 26 970-880
Fax: +352 26 970-717
Marc Grabowski
Chief Financial and Administrative Officer
Tel: +352 26 970-916
Fax: +352 26 970-719
Simone Niclou, PhD
Director of the Department of Oncology
Tel: +352 26 970-273
Fax: +352 26 970-390
Markus Ollert, MD
Director of the Department of Infection & Immunity
Tel: +352 26 970-720
Fax: +352 26 970-390
Laetitia Huiart, MD, PhD
Director of the Department of Population Health
Tel: +352 26 970-800
Fax: +352 26 970-810

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees the work of the Luxembourg Institute of Health. It is responsible for the general organization, for budget control, for framework contracts with partner organisations and for approving new strategy.

The Government has nominated the new Board of Directors, which will take office on January 1st 2020, as follows:

  • Gregor Baertz, Medical Director, Hôpitaux Robert Schuman (Luxembourg), President of the Board
  • Xavier Poos, Deputy Administrative Director, Health Directorate of the Ministry of Health (Luxembourg), Vice-President of the Board
  • Lysiane Back, former Vice-President BCEE (Luxembourg)
  • Françoise Berthet, Deputy Medical and Technical Director, Health Directorate of the Ministry of Health (Luxembourg)
  • Viviane Bremer, Head of Unit HIV / AIDS and other sexually transmitted or blood-borne infections (Robert Koch-Institut) 
  • Carole Brueckler, Strategic Advisor, Health Technologies Directorate of the Ministry of Economy (Luxembourg)
  • Alain Kohl, Professor, University of Glasgow (United Kingdom)
  • Robert Müller, Medical doctor specialised in Urology, Centre Hospitalier Emile Mayrisch (Luxembourg)
  • Pierrot Schiltz, Lawyer (Luxembourg)

In addition, Josiane Entringer, Advisor to the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, is appointed to the position of Government Commissioner ("Commissaire de Gouvernement").

Scientific Advisory Boards

The Scientific Advisory Boards (SAB) are consultative bodies to the Board of Administration and are composed of high ranking external scientists.  The SABs’ composition reflects the scientific areas in which the Luxembourg Institute of Health is active.


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