TTM Head of Operations - RK0120

Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) is repositioning towards a more translational strategy with the goal of performing biomedical research that impacts on patients. Transversal Translational Medicine (TTM) at the LIH catalyses the Institute’s ability to work translationally and integrates with Luxembourgish hospitals and University of Luxembourg (UL)/Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB) around a number of medical use cases.  TTM aims to foster bed-to-bench-to-bed collaborations within LIH, inter-institutionally across Luxembourg and internationally, in view of implementing translational programmes across research topics, supported by specific platforms and infrastructures bridging between fundamental research and real-world healthcare.  These platforms, existing and planned, such as the Integrated Biobank of Luxembourg (IBBL), play a key role across the institutions in the success of TTM. With the longstanding experience of the Luxembourgish National Centre for Excellence in Research (Parkinson’s Disease) (NCER-PD) excellence programme serving as a blueprint for translational bed-to-bench-to-bed cycles, TTM is positioned to enhance and develop translational initiatives in biomedical research and beyond.
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07/02/2020 10:46:14

overview of roles

The TTM Head of Operations supports the development and implementation of TTM strategy.  He/she works transversally across the research institutions and hospitals in Luxembourg to put in place a nation-wide transversal translational research framework, which will include transversal access to research platforms.  He/she integrates platforms such as the IBBL as pivotal translational platform into a coherent transversal workflow, enabling transversal research programmes. 

He/she is part of the TTM management team that covers critical managerial and operational needs of a TTM program portfolio, including platforms. The TTM team furthers LIH’s translational needs and ambitions in close collaboration with key biomedical stakeholders in Luxembourg. 

Key Accountabilities
  • Contribute to development of and execution of TTM strategy, thereby enabling development of inter-institutional collaborative research programs between stakeholder institutions under leadership of TTM Director.
  • Interact closely with Resource Allocation Committee (RAC) to map and plan FTE and resource commitments for ongoing and planned programs from stakeholder institutions.
  • Interface with financial teams of participating institutions across TTM to properly track cost and commitment to the programs.
  • Ensure that capacities, cost, and FTEs for the portfolio or programs are available such that milestones can be reached within arranged timeframes.
  • Responsible for workflow of programmes across the platforms and the whole translational pipeline. This includes smooth operational workflow of programmes at IBBL as a key research platform, in collaboration with leadership of IBBL and LIH, and working closely with the other members of the TTM management team.
  • Assist in internal and external communication of TTM with support of the Head of Marketing and Communication at LIH.
  • Networking, relationship-building and fundraising to support the evolving research agenda of TTM; represent the IBBL internally and externally. 
  • Leads for translational mindset culture and community of TTM in Luxembourg and beyond – facilitating team science.
  • The Head of Operations reports to Director TTM.

  • Minimum Master degree in a relevant discipline (biomedical science or healthcare).
  • Experience in operational management of pharma, research or biotech on an executive level for at least 5 years.
  • An additional MBA or similar qualification with successful experience in management of a large group would be considered an additional advantage.
  • Capacity for strategic thinking.
  • Flexible and adaptable to changing work environments.
  • Listening and communication skills with people from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Highly developed influencing and negotiation skills: politically astute and comfortable with governmental representatives, universities, hospitals and other academic groups.
  • Initiative, creative and proactive in the implementation of new ideas.
  • Knowledge of research funding mechanism relevant to biomedical science and services.
  • Language skills: Fluent in French and English, with proven excellent written skills in both languages. Any other language in use in Luxembourg would be an asset.

CDI - Full time - Available immediately