Senior Physician-Scientist in Neurology - RK0520

Transversal Translational Medicine (TTM) at LIH creates a translational bridge between fundamental research and the clinic, where improved/advanced diagnosis, therapy and prevention may help patients in Luxembourg and beyond. Its overarching aim is to instil a transversal, translational and collaborative mind-set among researchers, healthcare practitioners and hospitals, allowing them to perform research that transcends the classical boundaries of individual diseases (the ‘transversal’ dimension) and that can be tangibly converted into improved diagnostics, therapies and interventions for patients (the ‘translational’ dimension).
1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
08/06/2020 09:20:32

Key Accountabilities
  • Organise and advance TTM clinical and translational research programs, provide advice in developing clinical research settings across institutions.
  • Supporting the development of clinical research at the National Centre for Excellence in Research on Parkinson’s disease and integrating into national clinical trials and integrated care concepts.
  • Participation in the training of physician scientists within clinical research projects e.g. as reflected by the doctoral training units for MD-PhD students (e.g. i2TRON on immune mechanisms for translational research in Oncology and Neurology).
  • Establish national and international collaborations in the research and clinical environment.
  • Represent the activities of the TTM at a national and international level, presenting research results at scientific meetings.
  • Coordination of scientific projects with national and international collaboration partners on research projects.
  • Participate actively in recruitment process of Clinical Researchers (related to the DTU programme).
  • Support the development of the strategies and specific objectives for the translational programs.
  • Develop policies, procedures to support the functional inter-institutional clinical research infrastructure.
  • Active participation in the setting up of new clinical research studies for improved diagnosis and treatment (e.g. of neurodegenerative diseases).
  • Active participation in meetings with different stakeholders from research institutions, hospitals, health care professions and policy makers.
  • Participate in scientific publications and grant applications.

  • Medical degree.
  • Specialisation in Neurology.
  • Interest in clinical research on neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Independent, highly motivated and committed.
  • Excellent organisational skills.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and lead teams.
  • Fluent spoken and written English, French and German, proficiency in Luxembourgish is considered an asset.
  • Good computer skills for standard software (Excel, Word, etc.). 

2 year fixed-term contract - Part-time (20%) - Available immediately