PhD student : DNA Repair in Glioblastoma Tumour Propagating Cells - EV1121

The DNA Repair and Chemoresistance Group of the Department of Oncology carriesout fundamental and translational research on the molecular mechanismsgoverning DNA repair, chromatin dynamics and chemoresistance in cancer. Ourmain research interest resides in the identification & validation of novelDNA repair-based strategies to improve cancer treatment, with a particularfocus on glioblastoma (GBM). In this context, we have recently described a DNA repair and cell-cycle gene expression signature that segregates GBMpatients in two major groups and exposes potential therapeutic vulnerabilities.
84, rue Val Fleuri, Luxembourg L-1526, Luxembourg
09/11/2021 17:14:53
Funded by the Télévie/FNRS,  the goal of this collaborative project with the GIGA-Neurosciences (Liège, Belgium) is to investigate crucial aspects of the DNA damage response in GBM tumour propagating cells and identify novel DNA-repair based strategies to target such cells..

Key Accountabilities
  • Participate in the setting-up and implementation of an international,  collaborative research project
  • Conduct a research project with the aims of submitting a PhD thesis dissertation and obtaining a PhD degree
  • Publish her/his results in scientific journals and/or file patents if applicable
  • Disseminate her/his results to the scientific community and the public

  • Master’s degree (or equivalent degree) in molecular biology, biomedical sciences or biochemistry, with a solid background and research experience in cancer biology and DNA repair
  • Wet laboratory and analytical skills, experience in cell culture, nucleic-acids and protein characterization (including  immunoprecipitation, western blotting analysis, COMET assay and/or DNA fiber assay), RNAi, confocal microscopy and bioinformatics will be considered as strong assets
  • Excellent time management, rigour, perseverance, scientific creativity and originality, writing skills, conciseness, sense of priority and ability to work with others
  • Language skills: fluent command of English, knowledge of other languages of the European Union is an asset

How to apply?

Applications including a cover letter and a  curriculum vitae should be sent before 30 November 2021 through our website via the apply button below. Please apply ONLINE formally through this web page. Applications by email will not be considered

In Short ...

  • Contract type:   2-year fixed-term contract (renewable)
  • Work hours:        Full time - 40h/week
  • Location:             Luxembourg
  • Start date:           as soon as possible  and before 31 December 2021
  • Ref:                       VD/PHDDNA1121/EVD/DRC