Internship in Public Health Research (Master2 student) - GA0919

To be part of the “Chronic diseases,Ageing & Physical Functioning” research group (PI: Dr. G. Aguayo) withinthe Department of Population Health at the LIH.
1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
22/11/2019 14:40:14

Digital Health (DH) is a new approach that uses technology to improve people's health care with the goal of making it more effective and personalized. There are many options for DH, useful for patients, healthy populations and health professionals. These include the use of the Internet in computers and mobile phones, portable devices, large data analysis and telemedicine. However, the use of digital health will only improve the health of the population if health care providers and patients are ready to apply this new technology and if the needs of patients are met. Although digital health is increasingly being used, its use, acceptability and real benefits in a disabled population have not been fully evaluated.

The objective of this research is to collect information about the use and utility of digital health in disable population, including older participants. The method to use will be Scoping Reviews (PRISMA-ScR).
Training and Research environment
Chronic diseases, Ageing & Physical Functioning research group is a custom group that belongs to the Department of Population Health, working in association with the "Digital Epidemiology Hub" and Statistics,

which develops a transversal research activity on modern approaches in digital epidemiology. The research activities focus on digital health and its application in the management of chronic diseases. Master students will assist one of our projects that aims to explore the literature in the use and utility of digital health in population with disabilities and will be co-supervised by Dr. G. Aguayo, Dr. S. Schmitz and Ms. C. Dessenne.

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What we offer and conditions

·         Students need to hold a BSC degree in public health, statistics or similar.

·         Basic statistics skills and knowledge of statistical software (ex. R, Stata, SAS).

·         Applicants must be affiliated to their own University.

·         English is mandatory

·         Master 2 students will receive 500€/month unless they have their own funding source, e.g. Erasmus grant.

·         Students will have the opportunity to work in an interactive and international scientific environment.

Application including a cover letter detailing the motivation and a curriculum vitae should be sent before 30 November 2019 through the "apply" button below.

Available for 6-9 months (can be extended according to the specific requirements of the university - Full time - Star date : 2020


Scientific contact

Dr. Gloria AGUAYO, MD,PhD

1 AB rue Thomas Edison

L-1445 Strassen