Group Leader in Bioinformatics - AC0120

In 2019 the LIH established the Quantitative biology unit (QBU). The QBU conducts research in different technology-driven areas and provides technology services for the LIH and the Luxembourgish research community. The QBU is involved in many multi-omics studies with LIH or research groups from other Luxembourgish partners centered on cancer, immunologic and infectious diseases. Therefore, a wide range of technologies are used including next-generation RNA and DNA sequencing, metabolomics, discovery and targeted proteomics, cytometric and mass-cytometric analysis on a single-cell basis.
1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
19/03/2020 22:54:57

The QBU is seeking a highly motivated outstanding candidate with a strong interest in multi-omics data integration to run a core facility and establish a research team at the LIH. The focus of the core facility will be to support the current research demands of all LIH departments which are active in the field of cancer, immunologic diseases and public health. The candidate should have a strong background in the analysis of RNA/DNA Next Generation Sequencing data. Overall, the candidate should be able to demonstrate knowledge with Algorithmic, Mathematical, Ontological and Statistical Concepts in Biology

The core facility should become the hub for transversal projects and implement the transfer of the analytical skills to the end users by innovative solutions (e.g.: Business Intelligence, R-Shiny). The applicant should be driven to take a leading role in expanding the research and teaching activities at LIH including supervision of Masters and PhD theses and pursuit of external funding for novel and innovative research collaborations.

Key Accountabilities
  • Organize and run the Bioinformatic platform
  • Implement new analysis pipelines for data analysis
  • Support research groups in the planning of omics experiments from a bioinformatics point of view
  • Supervise and guide researchers
  • Organize work-meetings and discuss individually the progress of work/projects
  • Participate in the development and implementation of the LIH strategy and take part in exchanges with external stakeholders (ministries, National Research Fund [FNR], industry, etc.)
  • Foster the development and establishment of novel scientific techniques and methods.
  • Write research grants in order to secure funds for scientific projects.
  • Expand international reputation through presentations, conference participations, etc

  • A PhD degree in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Systems Biology or a similar area
  • Postdoctoral experience of at least 5 years, confirmed by an excellent CV (high number of
    publications with a significant impact in the relevant disciplines)
  • Strong research background in computational biology with a focus in single cell RNA/DNA NGS (transciptomics, methylation data, mutation analysis, copy number aberrations) and multi-omics data integration.
  • Previous experience in image analysis is an asset
  • Service oriented mindset
  • Documented knowledge in at least one biology domain (e.g.: molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, flow cytometry, immunology, etc.)
  • Experience in the management of a research group, with teaching activities including Master and PhD students
  • Experience in pursuing external fundings for novel and innovative research collaborations
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work effectively in a highly collaborative research environment
  • Languages skills: fluent command of English, knowledge of another language of the European Union is an asset.

CDI - Full time - Start date : ASAP