Data Scientist/Bioinformatician - GF0621

LIHis looking for a highly motivated candidate in Data Science/Bioinformatics. The focus is  to support research demands of all LIH departments mostly related to the need of integration of clinical, epidemiological, digital and sociodemographic data to extract useful information and knowledge for project aimed at precision public health, biomedical research and healthcare. Overall, the candidate should be able to demonstrate a broad knowledge in statistical, machine- and deep learning methods. You will be working as a part of a cross-functional team supporting LIH’s data integration, target identification and precision health  activities
1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
10/06/2021 14:40:54
Key Accountabilities
  • Identify data sources to maximize data quality and access, including artificial intelligence (i.e., machine learning).
  • Process, integrate and analyse datasets for biological insights that lead to testable hypothesis relevant to precision public health.
  • Develop and manage predictive (machine learning and deep learning) and clustering (mathematical optimization and simulation) analytic models.
  • Conduct advanced and strategic analyses based on evidence and statistical methodologies.
  • Support design, test and deployment of population scoring, stratification and segmentation based on predicted risk of adverse health outcomes.
  • Communicate and present analytical findings to researchers.
  • Contribute to publications with methods section,  results and figures
  • Master or PhD degree in data science, bioinformatics, biostatistics, computational biology or related field.
    At least 2 years of experience in a similar domain
  • Familiar with a range of data sources, including clinical or digital data and artificial intelligence methods.
  • Strong knowledge of one of the standard programming languages in the field (Python/R/Julia)
  • Ability to develop and apply computational algorithms and statistical methods to data (including, but not limited to clinical, epidemiological, digital data).
  • Ability to develop and deploy precision health-relevant predictive and clustering models.
  • Experience with cloud-based data and AI solutions, especially in the implementation and application of machine learning-based solutions.
  • Hands-on experience with a broad range of deep learning tools and collaboration environments.
  • Ability to quickly learn new analytic tools and packages.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Strong organizational skills and an orientation toward details.
  • Good communication skills and ability to work effectively in a team and close collaboration.
  • Self-motivated, team spirit and service-oriented mindset.
  • Languages skills: fluent command of English. French and /or German are considered as an advantage
CDI - Full time - Available immediately