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Within the Luxembourg Institute of Health, qualified professionals with various expertises are working together striving for excellence. Physicians, biological scientists, engineers, laboratory technicians, research nurses, statisticians, bioinformatic specialists, datamanagers, accountants... are among the many professions represented in our research departments and support services units.

Their talent, their ability to collaborate and the complementarity of their skills are some of the key elements allowing us to create societal and economical value.

Are you ready to bring your talent at the service of biomedical research?

  • Group Leader in Bioinformatics - AC0120

    BIOINFO - Platform Bioinformatic

    In 2019 the LIH established the Quantitative biology unit (QBU). The QBU conducts research in different technology-driven areas and provides technology services for the LIH and the Luxembourgish research community. The QBU is involved in many multi-omics studies with LIH or research groups from other Luxembourgish partners centered on cancer, immunologic and infectious diseases. Therefore, a wide range of technologies are used including next-generation RNA and DNA sequencing, metabolomics, discovery and targeted proteomics, cytometric and mass-cytometric analysis on a single-cell basis.
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    11/02/2020 09:08:06