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Within the Luxembourg Institute of Health, qualified professionals with various expertises are working together striving for excellence. Physicians, biological scientists, engineers, laboratory technicians, research nurses, statisticians, bioinformatic specialists, datamanagers, accountants... are among the many professions represented in our research departments and support services units.

Their talent, their ability to collaborate and the complementarity of their skills are some of the key elements allowing us to create societal and economical value.

Are you ready to bring your talent at the service of biomedical research?

  • IT Helpdesk Technician - KD0817

    ADM IT - IT Support

    The IT Helpdesk Technician will be responsible for the assistance of the IT Manager with the operational management of the Luxembourg Institute of Health computing equipment (installation & maintenance of PCs, servers and software) and  the management of the network and support users in their daily activities.
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    09/01/2018 14:11:04
  • Data Protection Officer - KD1217

    ADM GEN - Administration - Général

    The Data protection Officer will mainly be responsible for overseeing data protection strategy and implementation to ensure compliance of our Institute with GDPR requirements, while our RDI staff continues to aim at excellence in Research, Development and Innovation activities
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    19/12/2017 16:42:54
  • HR Officer and Project’s Coordinator - DR1217

    ADM HR - Human Resources

    The human Resources Project’s Coordinator will provide HR reporting on key Figures on the Institution when required (from HR Team, Management Board, Ministries, etc.); actively participate to HR projects on a short, mid or long term period and follow them to make sure it remains up-to-date; advise employees in response to their request (any questions on arrival) and be the backup for other HR Administrative Team members when required.
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    21/12/2017 14:34:08
  • Facilities Technician - DO0118

    ADM BE - Buildings and Equipments


    Le technicien de  maintenance sera principalement en charge de : La gestion de la maintenance et contrôles techniques des différents bâtiments du Luxembourg Institute of Health, de la gestion des systèmes d’alarme des bâtiments  ainsi que des équipement présents dans les unités de recherche  via un système de contrôle de gestion centralisé.  Il devra également  réaliser  divers encodages tels que  : Rapports d’activités (maintenance préventive et curative des équipements et installation).
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    18/01/2018 10:33:29