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Revolutionizing Healthcare: 2022 Achievements at the LIH

20 June 2023 4minutes

The Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) recently launched its 2022 Annual Report, highlighting the institute’s exceptional achievements over the past year. Through strategic collaborations, cutting-edge initiatives, and a multidisciplinary approach, the LIH has positioned itself as a leader in precision medicine and personalized healthcare. With a focus on cancer research, translational medicine, and precision health, the report underscores the institute’s continuing dedication to improving patient outcomes and revolutionizing the healthcare landscape.

Since its inception, the LIH has been at the forefront of healthcare innovation and research, driving transformative advancements that modernize patient care and contribute to the global healthcare landscape. The institute’s 2022 Annual Report continues this trend and highlights the remarkable achievements the LIH has made over the past year.

Under the leadership of CEO Prof Ulf Nehrbass, the LIH has gone through a restructuring phase and has fully embraced a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to address the most pressing challenges in healthcare today. In 2022, this strategy successfully fostered new collaborations between researchers, clinicians, and industry partners.

Launched in late 2022, the Luxembourg Clinical and Translational Research Centre (LCTR) is a new collaboration between the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg and the LIH and will serve as a platform for technological advancements and the development of novel medical solutions. By facilitating collaboration between clinicians, researchers, and patients, the LCTR will accelerate the translation of research findings into personalized therapies and effective treatments for various diseases. State-of-the-art research infrastructure and support services offered by the LCTR will empower researchers to conduct cutting-edge translational research.

In 2022, the LIH doubled down on its commitment to precision health by renaming its Department of Population Health to the Department of Precision Health (DoPH). This change aligns with the increasing use of real-life data and artificial intelligence to design tailored preventive strategies and personalized treatments. This trend continues with Clinnova, a multinational effort approved for funding in 2022, which seeks to develop precision medicine for multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. Through AI-driven approaches, the LIH will collaborate with partners from France, Switzerland, and Germany to establish a data-enabling environment for cross-border data sharing and interoperability, facilitating personalized and targeted treatments for patients.

The 2022 Annual Report also highlights the LIH’s contributions to combating the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a trusted scientific partner, the institute actively engaged in clinical studies, evaluated diagnostic tools, and provided scientific expertise to guide public health policies. In a video attached to the report, Prof Nehrbass expressed his pride in the institute’s instrumental role in implementing large-scale testing and tracing, which resulted in significantly lower excess mortality rates compared to neighbouring countries, even those with similar health systems. This accomplishment has solidified Luxembourg’s reputation as a leader in disease management and demonstrated the positive impact of the LIH’s efforts in public health.

The LIH has also not shied away from expressing its solidarity with Ukraine following its invasion by Russia in February 2022. In this vein, the LIH has welcomed several talented Ukrainian researchers funded by the FNR. Thus far, they have contributed to projects focused on glioblastoma treatment, digital tools for neurodegenerative diseases, and Long COVID. Additionally, the LIH also donated blood collection kits and tubes to Ukraine through the “Rakiety” cancer foundation in Poland.

In 2022 we hit the remarkable record of 413 published papers, of which 131 were in top 10% journals. This metric, among many others, is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our talented team here at the LIH, as well as the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the Ministry of Health, and the National Research Fund, for financing all of these efforts,

stated CEO Prof Ulf Nehrbass.

Echoing this sentiment, President of the Board of Directors Dr Gregor Baertz emphasized the power of collaboration, stating, “By fostering synergies among researchers, clinicians, and industry partners, we have created a vibrant ecosystem that drives innovation and transforms healthcare. The achievements highlighted in the 2022 Annual Report underscore the impact of our collaborative efforts in advancing precision medicine and personalized healthcare.”

With its unwavering dedication, the LIH continues to pave the way for a future where healthcare is personalized, precise, and transformative.

Download the 2022 Annual Report here!

2022 in figures

413 scientific publications

2 patent applications

15 new partnerships with a private partner

205 new signed agreements

268 ongoing projects

896 mentions of LIH/IBBL in the press

3.3 million biological samples collected and aliquots created (IBBL)

219,061 biological samples distributed (IBBL)

15.8 Mio€ third-party income 

Annual report


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