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🇬🇧 EIT Health Digital Medical Devices – Summer School

10/06/2023 08:00 an 21/06/2023 17:00

A Summer School for future Healthcare innovators!

Unleash your potential as a digital healthcare innovator! In this practical, hands-on programme, discover the lifecycle of digital medical devices (DMDs) from unmet clinical needs to patient delivery.

Join us for two-weeks training in Spain and Luxembourg, guided by top DMD, innovation and entrepreneurship experts. Collaborate with passionate, diverse learners from medicine, engineering, data science, social sciences and business to develop sustainable, evidence based DMDs that empower patients.

Deadline: 11 June 2023
Week 1: 10-14 July 2023 – Luxembourg
Week 2: 17-21 July 2023 – Barcelona


Ready to digitally shape the future of healthcare?
Apply by 11 June 2023.

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