Michel Vaillant

Latest publications

Effects of pre-feeding oral stimulation on oral feeding in preterm infants: a randomized clinical trial.

  • Epidemiology and Public Health Research Unit
  • Competence Center for Methodology and Statistics
March 01, 2014
2014 Mar. Early Hum Dev.90(3):125-9. Epub 2014 Jan 22.
  • Bache M
  • Pizon E
  • Jacobs J
  • Vaillant M
  • Lecomte A.

A hepatitis A, B, C and HIV prevalence and risk factor study in ever injecting and non-injecting drug users in Luxembourg associated with HAV and HBV immunisations.

  • Epidemiology and Public Health Research Unit
May 19, 2011
2011 May. BMC Public Health.11(1):351.
  • Removille N
  • Origer A
  • Couffignal S
  • Vaillant M
  • Schmit JC
  • Lair ML.