Xavier Dervillez

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The herpes simplex virus latency-associated transcript gene is associated with a broader repertoire of virus-specific exhausted CD8+ T cells retained within the trigeminal ganglia of latently infected HLA transgenic rabbits.

  • HIV Clinical and Translational Research
April 01, 2016
2016 Apr. J Virol.90(8):3913-28.
  • Srivastava R
  • Dervillez X
  • Khan AA
  • Chentoufi AA
  • Chilukuri S
  • Shukr N
  • Fazli Y
  • Ong NN
  • Afifi RE
  • Osorio N
  • Geertsema R
  • Nesburn AB
  • Wechsler SL
  • BenMohamed L.