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Tumour-inducing capacity found in sleeping cancer cells

February 08, 2018   In Our News  

First INTER FNR-DFG grant for LIH for a research project in oncology

February 06, 2018   In Our News  

Retrospective 2017: highpoints for LIH

February 01, 2018   In Our News  

Autophagy as potential target against glioblastoma

January 23, 2018   In Our News  

Insights into the metabolic disorder in IDH-mutant gliomas

January 17, 2018   In Our News  

Pelican grants for PhD candidates to support training and mobility in brain cancer research

January 15, 2018   In Our News  

Winners of the “Pump Prime” grant announced at the PMC retreat

January 04, 2018   In Our News  

Life Sciences PhD Days 2017, an unmissable event for PhD candidates

December 20, 2017   In Our News  

First INTER ANR funding for LIH for a research project in epigenetics

December 19, 2017   In Our News  

AFR funding and poster prize for PhD candidate Amy Parrish

December 18, 2017   In Our News  

Cardiolinc™: a non-profit organisation to personalise treatment for cardiovascular disease patients

December 15, 2017   In Our News  

Inaugural Retreat of NextImmune - Luxembourg’s Doctoral Training Unit in Immunosciences

December 14, 2017   In Our News  

Dr Carole Devaux appointed as president of the Luxembourg AIDS Surveillance Committee

December 13, 2017   In Our News  

Luxembourg at the centre of molecular allergology: 300 allergy experts came together at ISMA 2017

December 07, 2017   In Our News  

Three LIH workshops at the Science Festival to check your health

November 29, 2017   In Our News  

First CANBIO retreat: kick-off of the Doctoral Training Unit in cancer biology

November 27, 2017   In Our News  

ISO 9001 certification for the National Cytometry Platform

November 24, 2017   In Our News  

Using Big Data technology to achieve better outcomes for patients with blood cancers

November 23, 2017   In Our News  

European project IDeAl: Improving statistical methodology for small population clinical trials

November 15, 2017   In Our News  

Bringing Natural Killer cells to the tumour battlefield

November 09, 2017   In Our News