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Boosting research in digital epidemiology and e-health

September 20, 2019   In Our News  

LIH and Tolerogenics collaborate on immune tolerance-promoting therapies

September 17, 2019   In Our News  

Innovative approach that makes “cold” tumours “hot”

September 09, 2019   In Our News  

Luxembourg’s hepatitis C screening and care in drug users selected as example of best practice in Europe

July 25, 2019   In Our News  

Luxembourg Parkinson’s Study funded with an additional six million euros

July 23, 2019   In Our News  

Bringing biomedical research closer to the patient: appointments to strategic positions

July 11, 2019   In Our News  

Top Japanese research consolidates ties with Luxembourg

July 10, 2019   In Our News  

Biomarker identification for a better care of diabetic cardiomyopathy

July 09, 2019   In Our News  

LIH gut microbiome research as the cover story of a leading news magazine Der Spiegel

July 05, 2019   In Our News  

The Cancer Foundation supports a research project on a novel therapeutic protein for Glioblastoma

July 02, 2019   In Our News  

LIH allergology researchers distinguished at Europe's largest allergy conference

July 01, 2019   In Our News  

NextImmune PhD retreat 2019: insights into hot immunology topics

June 26, 2019   In Our News  

Philanthropy supporting cancer research

June 20, 2019   In Our News  

Affiliated Professorships with University of Luxembourg

June 06, 2019   In Our News  

Restoring the anti-tumour immune response - a new research project funded by the Cancer Foundation

June 03, 2019   In Our News  

Cancer cells are quick-change artists adapting to their environment

May 29, 2019   In Our News  

Merging business intelligence with biology

May 23, 2019   In Our News  

Successful EDEG conference: new perspectives for diabetes prevention and patient care

May 22, 2019   In Our News  

New pilot study: a step towards personalised cancer therapy?

May 16, 2019   In Our News  

Global Burden Study: obesity rising faster in rural areas than in cities

May 15, 2019   In Our News