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Understanding the impact of dietary fibres on the gut microbiome

March 11, 2021   In Our News  

LUX:plorations comics: explaining science through art!

March 09, 2021   In Our News  

[Press release] COVID-19: mass screening reveals significant transmission risk from asymptomatic carriers

March 01, 2021   In Our News  

Towards personalised treatment of recurrent brain tumours

February 26, 2021   In Our News  

Important support to LIH cancer research

February 26, 2021   In Our News  

Hypertension: know what is behind your numbers

February 08, 2021   In Our News  

Industrial partnerships with Pharma to strengthen translational research at LIH

February 05, 2021   In Our News  

[Press release] Novel immunotherapy approach to treat cat allergy

February 04, 2021   In Our News  

Physical activity in Luxembourg: how active are we?

February 03, 2021   In Our News  

Training the next generation of translational scientists

February 02, 2021   In Our News  

Targeted proteomics for personalised medicine at LIH

February 01, 2021   In Our News  

Can the “dark side” of the genome help fight cardiovascular disease?

January 25, 2021   In Our News  

Characterising cardiometabolic health through inflammation and micronutrients

January 18, 2021   In Our News  

Télévie researchers go “back to the lab”!

January 14, 2021   In Our News  

LIH and Luxembourg hospitals contribute to assessing the safety of potential COVID-19 treatments

January 11, 2021   In Our News  

Strengthening the Digital Health and Artificial Intelligence axis at LIH

January 06, 2021   In Our News  

International prize “Prix du Fonds Léon et Henri Fredericq” awarded to LIH researcher

January 04, 2021   In Our News  

Translating research into clinical applications

December 17, 2020   In Our News  

[Press release] New insights into Glioblastoma invasiveness

December 11, 2020   In Our News  

Cross-border collaborations to improve cancer treatment

December 10, 2020   In Our News