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Three international scientific conferences brought to Luxembourg by LIH

May 08, 2019   In Our News  

New insights on viral suppression in HIV-positive patients

April 10, 2019   In Our News  

Dr Jacques Zimmer appointed full member of the Institut Grand-Ducal

April 09, 2019   In Our News  

First report on lung cancer care in Luxembourg

April 03, 2019   In Our News  

Antoun Al Absi awarded for his excellent PhD thesis by the Strasbourg Society of Biology

April 01, 2019   In Our News  

New triennial report on perinatal health

March 12, 2019   In Our News  

First Phase I clinical study conducted in Luxembourg

February 26, 2019   In Our News  

How the immune system “thinks” with acetylcholine

February 25, 2019   In Our News  

Revision of consensus on biomarkers of alcohol consumption in hair

February 14, 2019   In Our News  

Launch of new LIH lecture series on e-health

February 06, 2019   In Our News  

Launch of a large health survey with Luxembourg residents

January 24, 2019   In Our News  

Reprogramming the tumour immune landscape: new project funded by Cancer Foundation and FNR

January 21, 2019   In Our News  

Supporting cancer research: Legs Kanning Prize awarded to Dr Jérôme Paggetti

January 16, 2019   In Our News  

New hope for fish allergy sufferers: ray consumption can be safe

January 11, 2019   In Our News  

Presenting TNF signalling: 19 ligands, 29 receptors, multiple effects in health and disease

December 20, 2018   In Our News  

FNR CORE funding - three LIH research projects will tackle disease mechanism and treatment

December 19, 2018   In Our News  

Natural Killer cells in the spotlight - NK meeting 2019 taking place in Luxembourg

December 18, 2018   In Our News  

Connecting the public with science at the Researchers’ Days

December 14, 2018   In Our News  

Pump Prime Fund Awardees announced at the PMC Retreat 2018

December 12, 2018   In Our News  

Who is ‘at steak’? New detection method developed for red meat allergy

December 05, 2018   In Our News